Cameron Pulham  

Company Director, Director of Photography

Cameron, like any good DP, is both technical and creative. If you want a shot, Cameron will make it happen, whether that means learning new skills or adapting to new hardware. Cameron is always insistent on pushing his skills in pursuit of great content. 

He has experience operating a variety camera systems, including Sony and Canon, and has experience working on creative and commercial projects. 

Cameron's talent eliminates the technical challenges of shooting. 

Ed Whelan   

Company Director, Creative Director

As director, Ed has the ability to script, plan and execute a variety of films. With a final product always in mind, he conveys ideas clearly and aims to maximise the potential of those around him.  

He has experience working with Durham University and has a strong technical grounding from his time as a professional photographer. 

With a number of new projects already in production, including a feature length film, Ed always strives to produce something original.