We would like to apply for the role of videographer for Durham University Fashion Show 2020. Alongside the application below, please browse our website to see our other content. ​In short, we are a team of three students who came together to push the boundaries of videography. 

What could you bring to DUCFS in terms of the roles you’re applying for, and to the team more broadly?

We take exceptional pride in all our work, constantly striving to push the boundaries of quality. Our work with DUCFS would be no exception. Bringing three like-minded individuals together only extends the creative thought process, allowing us to better develop a continued and professional presence throughout the year. We, as a team, bring a variety which is reflected in our final product.


Operating with large organisations is standard procedure for us, our creative director completes weekly projects for Durham University Marketing with tight constraints and quick turnarounds. This includes the DU Women in Sport video released today which was made, from briefing to publication in 72 hours. For Grey College Charity Fashion Show, we had only a matter of hours to prepare. With all the planning behind DUCFS, we would be able to blend our improvisation with extensive planning in the months leading to the show. 

We also try make shoots enjoyable for our subjects by establishing relationships and trying to get the best out of them. Crucially, we think it’s important that clients and subjects understand why we are taking certain shots as we understand not everyone is comfortable on camera. This, we feel, enables us to produce more compelling content.


From our extensive network we would have the option of finding suitable videographers to assist us, should the scale of the shoot require it. We are all professional photographers and have experience in tech also.

What are three things you’d change about DUCFS 2019? 

DUCFS is a hugely popular event. By promptly releasing a professional highlights video, the future demand can be driven even higher. We would ensure that the final video, like our GCCFS video, would be turned around quickly to capture attendees' short-term nostalgia after the event. This also means more immediate exposure for next year’s charity.


We would have loved to have made more videos with the charity beforehand. Perhaps with the models to show what the charity meant to them, or by working with the charity directly. A large part of our vision in filmmaking is to tell the story of people - we feel that these kinds of videos would be personal, striking a concordant tone with the theme of a charity fashion show.


We would outsource less. We have professional grade hardware as well as the experience and resources to produce a large portion of your video content in-house. This would mean we would only outsource for operators on the night for extra hands and for the video wall. This means we are less expensive than the alternatives so more money goes to charity.

What three new ideas do you have for DUCFS 2020?

We have all the gear. We want to push the boundaries. Think drones, cable cams, cranes. The event is dynamic, and we want the shots to be also. We shoot off a variety of gimbals and stabilisation rigs to ensure smooth footage, but we want to take it a step further. To truly capture the scale and atmosphere of the event, an aerial view is needed. Top-down shots in rehearsal, we want to make that happen.


In order to get close and detailed shots of models, we need to be on the catwalk. To do this without interrupting the show we would shoot during dress rehearsals, where we have the freedom to move as required. This also means we can combine footage from rehearsals and nights seamlessly to appear like it was shot from a variety of angles simultaneously.


Finally, we would love to work more closely with the models. With such a diverse group, there are always interesting stories to share that would bring more publicity. We would like to combine this with exposure of the charity to add a personal touch.

Notable Clients

  • Main Line Live Ltd

  • Mercure Hotels

  • Aggression Sessions

  • CVS Vets

  • Durham Student Theatre

  • Stuart Corbridge